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Sassy, Sexy & Confident!

What if you didn't have to be at war or uncomfortable with your body?

What if you didn't have to be insecure in your own skin, or wish you were a different size to be beautiful?

With "Sassy, Sexy & Confident" there's no need for negative self-talk or extreme measures to gain the confidence you so badly desire!

You'll learn how to accept and love your body right now, increase your self-confidence while attaining lasting peace and happiness in 5 steps.

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Love your body and gain self-confidence in 5 steps.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • You struggle with seeing your own beauty and worth, inside and out.

    You pick yourself apart wishing you had a different physique.

    You have a hard time accepting yourself as you are: body, mind and soul.

    You will try anything to change yourself so you can feel comfortable.

    Even if it means going against your better judgement, or even health.


    You wish and pray and try to "mantra" your way into your "dream" body.

    You're beyond the fads and are desperate for something that actually gives you sustainable results.


    What if there was a way to attain that dream body or that fulfilled sense of self without extreme measures or dieting?

    What if you could achieve personal happiness, confidence and true self love that actually lasts?

    What if this could start to happen in about a month?

    That's why I created "Sexy, Sassy & Confident" to help you break free from diet culture mentality, poor body image and negative view of self so you can embody a life of self-acceptance and confidence!

    This digital workbook is here to help you ignite that spark, fire up your self-confidence and find your worth by teaching you:

    * How to fully accept yourself as you are in the present moment.

    * How to get in tune with your body, using meditation, and take care of yourself without drastic measures.

    * How to identify where these negative self-beliefs came from, how to forgive them and end them for good!

    * Why you don't need to change for anyone, but how to still improve without falling into diet cultures clutches.

    * How to take sustainable action so you never have to loathe your body again!

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    What the nourished ladies are saying

    Since beginning my work with Michaela I’ve noticed so many more positive changes in my life. I have been so much kinder to myself and I’m really starting to appreciate the skin I’m in. This is a well-rounded membership and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!


    I'm learning so much about myself working with Michaela. I now say,  “I CAN do this” because for so long I’ve told myself “I can’t” out of fear. I view myself differently than I did before, having a safe and judgement free zone allowed me to open up to myself and the incredible tools that were provided.


    I have changed my eating patterns, my lifestyle and my attitude towards myself since working with Michaela. My energy has increased immensely! If you want to find peace in yourself, balance in your food and energy to your day - work with Michaela, you will not regret investing in yourself.


    Right now, you're struggling with seeing your own beauty and worth. You pick yourself apart wishing you had a different physique. You have a hard time accepting yourself as you are and will try anything to change yourself so you can feel comfortable, even if it means going against your better judgement, or even health. You wish and pray and try to "mantra" your way into your "dream" body, but nothing seems to work. You always manage to fall back into your old ways and are left feeling defeated and alone.

    Imagine if you loved what you saw in the mirror. You felt utterly confident in your skin and accepted every square inch of yourself. You're living life freely and comfortably, you have a healthy relationship with your body, and you radiate light, love and happiness everywhere you go without even trying. You no longer waste time, money or negative emotions on trying to change who you are because that no longer matters to you. You love yourself; you love your life and you have finally found your worth; no one can take it away from you!

    Let's Get Confident!

    This can be you! Join Sexy, Sassy & Confident today!

  • Step1: Here we go into the process of self-acceptance by looking at the physical body and working through, stopping and reframing negative thought patterns using Gratitude.

  • Step 2: Here, we learn how to get in touch with the body; how to listen, how to make the best choices for your well-being by triggering acts of love and self-care through a powerful meditation.

  • Step 3: Here, we get into the nitty gritty of what, why and how you want to change. Where did these thoughts stem from? How you can be accepted using these 4 practices.

  • Step 4: Change vs Improvement. What is change? What is improvement? Why is change wrong and how to break up with your Ego so you can let your confidence grow.

  • Step 5: Who are you? Who do you want to be? How do you want to present yourself in the world? Here, you'll get 11 thought provoking questions that just may alter the rest of your life and who you are in this world

  • With this workbook I'm throwing in some amazing bonuses you can't get anywhere else:
  • Body Awareness Meditation ($25)

  • Attitude of Gratitude Practices ($30)

  • Debunk & Disbelieve ($65)

  • Breakup with Ego ($17)

  • 11 Pillars to Transformation ($37)


  • Total Value of Sassy, Sexy & Confident is $422

    Special Price is only $17

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    Who's behind Sassy, Sexy & Confident?

    Hey! I'm Michaela I'm a Body Image Coach who helps women ditch fad diets, destructive eating habits and negative self talk to embody a life of health, happiness and utter confidence. But before I became an expert in the relationship to the body, I too battled negative body image, mindset and destructive eating habits.

    For years I tried to attain the "perfect" body, going to extreme lengths to try and change my appearance, size and weight so I could then be accepted, loved and found worthy.

    Things only got worse for me the more I looked outside of myself and turned to diet culture for the answers.

    However, things took a turn for the better and I formulated a proven way to heal my relationship to my body, my mind and even my emotions and in turn became the happiest, healthies and most confident version of myself in my entire life.

    With these steps, you too can achieve everlasting happiness, self love and confidence which is why I created Sexy, Sassy & Confident! My goal is to serve women like you, and help you break free from diet culture, false beliefs and negative view of self so you can finally be in love with your body, take no more sh*t and live your life according to YOUR desires.

    Let's Get Confident!


    Diet Culture says I have to look a certain way in order to be deemed worthy, how will I find confidence in my current body? Diet Culture is wrong. In fact I go into detail about this on the first page! Your worth and confidence is NOT determined by someone or something other than yourself. In this book we dive deep into our beliefs from DC, and debunk the myths you've been told by embracing your reflection. You can be as you are, right now, and still become a beautiful bad a** without lies or gimmicks.

    I've never felt pretty, attractive or comfortable in my own skin, how is this going to help me when nothing else has? But you want to feel pretty, attractive and comfortable in your own skin don't you? That's why you're reading this, something inside of you still believes you deserve to be happy and confident (and that part of you is right!!) Things didn't work in the past because they weren't made for you. This is different. Yes the principles and practices given are the same but HOW you apply it to your own life is where the magic happens. The only way for this to fail is if you do nothing with it.


    I'm not good at committing to myself, I always end up at square one. Can I really do this? Are you actually not good at committing or were the programs you bought into before lft you feeling lacking. Those cookie cutter styled programs aren't meant to give you lasting transformation, it's a quick fix that ends up leaving you even more lost, confused and desperate. But not here! With SSC it's tailored to you so you actually find it enjoyable, worthwhile and meaningful. With broken down steps taken at your pace you can be sure you'll stay committed.


    Do I have time for this? Does a bear poop in the woods? All jokes aside yes you can have time for this IF it it's important to you and you make yourself a priority. Now, this doesn't mean you have to stop your life and only focus on yourself. These lessons can be broken down into bite sized chunks and into your unique time frame.


    Is there a refund policy? Due to it being a digital product there will not be any refund.

    Sassy, Sexy & Confident is for..

    Women in their 20's

    You're going through some new changes (job, relationship, graduating college etc.) but don't feel quite confident in yourself. You are still trapped in the jaws of diet culture and negative body image but don't really know how to break free, though you do know what they say isn't true! You feel insecure in you body and look everywhere else for insight when it comes to eating, movement/exercise and "the answers" but you're beyond fed up and sad because nothing works. No matter what you still continues to feel lost. You worry about being judged by family friends, co workers etc about what your body looks like. You become easily motivated then after a few weeks gives up because it doesn't click. You know something better is out there but are afraid to take that jump or even know where to find the“jumping point" of where to start.

    Women in their 30's

    You're insecure about how you look, you've followed diets, fads and haven't had a very stable relationship or eating habits with food. You want to set a good example for your family, kids and or friends but don't know where to start...you don’t want your kids (or young ones around you) growing up with the same insecurities. You want to feel good in her body. You want to be sexy in your own opinion! (other people tell you, you’re beautiful, sexy etc, but you don't really see it.) You know you have to take care of your body so you can live a fulfilling life but don't know how or what that could even look like.

    Women in their 40's

    You’re stressed and disconnected with your body; you’re tired, and so busy you reach for the easiest thing to eat at any time of day and sometimes miss meals and sometimes over indulge because you skipped. Because of that you feel bloated, and unattractive; you don't know who you are without work or something to do, but you know deep down you want something more. You want to find yourself and true love. You might feel distant from your partner and your own body, there’s shame and embarrassment. You might even feel guilt associated with your body and how you look now compared to your “younger days” . You might feel “old” and see yourself at an age where giving up is a good option but something inside of you says to keep looking. There is no giving up though, you need something that is going to actually work.

    I'm in!

    What's Next?

    1. Click the button to purchase and gain immediate access to Sassy, Sexy & Confident.

    2.Take a deep breath! You have this guide for life, it isn't going anywhere. You can even download or print it to make sure it's safe! When you're ready start reading the first page and what you can expect, and begin with Day 1.

    3. Take as much time as you need with each day, each step and each tool. This can take more than 5 days, it all depends on where you are and what information you need to sort through, debunk and transform. You can come back to these practices as many times as you need! Tweak the questions, writing prompts or anything else to fit your current stage of self love and acceptance.


    You're excited to go out with friends, your S/O, or even just be out in public because you feel sexy and beautiful in your own skin

    regardless of what you're wearing or who's around you.

    You can assess old triggers and stop them in their tracks so you don't fall back into that negative mindset.

    You look in the mirror with comfort, pride and love for yourself: body, mind and soul.

    You have a glow and an energy that exudes from your being that lights up the room! 

    I Want to be Sassy, Sexy & Confident!

    Now is the time to join.

    Now is the time to take action.

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